I am an illustrator and designer with more than 19 years of industry experience in print and digital media. I love taking on projects such as identity design, motion graphics, illustration, animation, character conceptualizing, matte painting, storyboarding and writing. I am accustomed to working with both internal and external clients.

I was told that I started drawing as early as 3 years old. All I can confirm is that a note was sent home from my 1st grade teacher that asked my parents to refrain from drawing the pictures for my book reports.

Design seemed to make sense to me even before any formal training. I have learned much from really talented peers and mentors that I still hold in high regard. I like minimalist design but also understand a client’s needs.

For me, making pictures move was the natural progression of design and illustration. I was obsessed with making flip books as a child, especially in the corners of text books. It’s also great fun to bring something to life.


This is a selection of work that I've done for both freelance clients and for companies that I have been employed. If you would like to see a specific category you can use the filter buttons. If there is something you would like created contact me!


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